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3090 Helmsdale Place, Suite 265 Lexington, KY 40509   ​+1-859-263-4637

SINCE 2016


We will open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday in summertime.

Thank you very much for your continued support to local restaurant! ❤️❤️

We are here to make you happy always with some yummies!



Sam's Summer Special  

* Summer Sushi

* Black Bean Noodle Don

20211216_191647 (1)_edited.jpg

Black Bean Noodle Don


Check out our freshly rolled sushi, made with an expert's hand and with top quality sushi short grain rice & ingredients.

Sit down for a hot, steaming bowl of ramen, as we bring our unique, top quality and fresh Japanese taste to you.


Enjoy a rice bowl

(POKE Bowl) made with fresh ingredients designed to pamper your taste buds. 

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The Fresh Taste of Japan

        Welcome to SAM Sushi. It's our goal to make sure you feel welcomed in our restaurant and leave not only satisfied, but happier. From our large assortment of fresh sushi and piping hot ramen to our selection of out of the ordinary, tangy salads and delicious rice bowls (POKE bowls), we are sure that we will please your taste buds. 

        We serve with top quality of fresh fish, super premium sushi short grain rice, gluten free vinegar, gluten free seaweed, gluten free wasabi.

        We offer dine-in services, as well as takeout and delivery.

        We hope to see you at our establishment, where we will give you a warm SAM Sushi welcome. 


SINCE 2016

We have implemented a self-service style of ordering.

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