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Oil painting

Our selection of paintings will transport you to an Asian village life free from the stress and noise of cities. Choose from our selection of oil and watercolor paintings depicting the simple, rural fishing life where people live closely with one another and with nature. Whether you would like a small, 5x7 in painting to go on the corner of your desk, or a larger 11.5x15 in painting to hang in the bedroom, nature is just a brushstroke away. From sunrise to sunset, the beaches and mountains of our home will be sure to bring you peace, just like if you were really there!



Crochet square

Take a look at our variety of crocheted items! Our special “Granny square style” hats are fashionable, comfy, and can be worm at any time! Pair one with one of our matching crocheted purse or cross body bags! As the weather gets cooler, you can’t beat the warmth and style of our “Granny square style” hats and bags!



Flower shawl

Our hand-crafted embroidered shawls capture that love like nothing else. Made of 100% cotton, they are lightweight and perfect for any season, from summer to winter! Buy one today from our selection of flowers — rose, lavender, jasmine, daisy, lotus, starflower, sunflower, and other Asian flowers— and give it as a gift to your mother, significant other, friend, or whoever it is you wish to show love to!


Hair accessories

Are you looking for something to brighten up your look? Look no further than our cute, aesthetic handmade hair accessories! Choose from our hair bows, hair clips, scrunchies, and hair bands! Buy a set that comes with an embroidered carrying bag and all four accessories!



Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Enjoy our selection of hand-crafted amigurumi that will brighten up your workspace with a cute little friend to accompany you! Who couldn’t use a cute little buddy to hang out with?



Take a look at our selection of hand-knitted masks that will be sure to elevate your fashion! Handmade with a bright flowery design, you’ll be sure to turn heads! Order now and feel the comfort and beauty of our masks!


Our embroidered bags are of the highest quality and have eye-catching hand sewn designs! Take a look at our selection of designs, from flowers to traditional artwork!

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Handmade flower paper

Brighten up your home with our handmade traditional petal prints using flowers native to Southeast Asia. Using the petals of beautiful flowers native to our home country, such as blue pea flowers and orange jasmine flowers, we crafted these prints to bring an air of elegance and natural beauty to your homes. Please enjoy them while they last!

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